What Should You Pay Attention to wearing shapewear?

We all know that shapewear can help tighten the fat and improve the figure. Do you know what to pay attention to wearing shapewear? How much do you know? Now let’s analyse what we should pay attention to when wearing body-shaping clothes.


Don’t wear shapewear for more than 8 hours every day, and don’t wear shapewar when you are sleeping. Otherwise, it will easily cause blockage of blood circulation and endanger your health.

Attention 2:

When wearing shapewear, the degree of elasticity must be moderate, neither too tight nor too loose, Shapewear is too tight it will squeeze the body excessively, which will affect the normal breathing. Lung tissue can also be difficult to fully stretch due to microcirculation disorders, hindering the whole body’s oxygen supply. If it is too loose, itwill not have any effect on slimming.

Attention 3:

You must pay attention to the ventilation effect of shapewear. If effect of sweat discharge is not smooth, body odor will appear, which is also very bad for female friends.

In order to achieve better slimming effect, you should know the points for attention for wearing body-shaping clothes. Only when the method is right can we get twice the result with half the effort.

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