Why Can You Lose Weight when You Eat Slowly?

Thin people usually have a good habit of eating slowly. For the same person who eats fast, thin people eat less. So what’s good for people who eat slowly?

1. Favorable for food consumption

Chewing slowly increases the time of food in the mouth. Chewing up and down the teeth produces excess energy and reduces excess fat into the body. At the same time, the food after chewing will not cause more burdens to the stomach after entering the stomach. In a short time, the food can be accelerated to the small intestine, so that the small intestine reabsorption can be accelerated, and the food can be completely consumed.

2. It will increase people’s feeling of satiety

When chewing carefully, with the start of the mouth up and down, there will be air entering, making people feel full. Not only after chewing food so carefully, but also when it enters the stomach, gastric acid will secrete less, which will not increase the excess weight, making the stomach feel enough food and make people feel full.

3. Secretion of leptin

Carbohydrate intake increases leptin because insulin in the body triggers leptin while eating, and the amount of insulin usually rises after a meal when blood sugar rises. If you chew slowly and eat intermittently when you eat, the central system of the brain will send out signals that make leptin secrete and make people put down their chopsticks.

4. Reducing hunger hormone

Chewing slowly can enhance the feeling of satiety, but also can prolong the time of satiety, reduce the body’s hunger hormone, this hunger hormone is directly managed, in the end do not need to eat, it is a peptide secreted by the stomach, can regulate appetite, control the amount of food.

To avoid hungry people with low self-control eating too much, we can cultivate the habit of eating slowly three meals a day in order to reduce the amount of meals and control weight.

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