Do You Know What Fall Weight Loss Food Is?

Fall is often referred to as the “autumn of appetite.” Fall is the harvest season for delicious food and the most difficult time to lose weight. However, to supplement the necessary weight loss nutrition, we should take advantage of  this season of delicious food, such as protein, dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and so on. Therefore, not only can you taste delicious food, but also can supplement nutrition and lose weight. Let me recommend three delicious foods in fall for you to lose weight.


Mushrooms grown in the factory are on the market all year round, but autumn is the real harvest season of mushroom . They are not only low in calories and rich in dietary fiber, but also is a significant food for people who want to lose weight.

Mushroom has many benefits for people health. On the one hand,  the mushroom is rich in  vitamin B1, B2 and other nutrients. On the other hand, dietary fiber will  improve and prevent constipation, lower blood lipids, and inhibit blood sugar. Not only can it stay healthy, but it can also lose weight.

In addition, there are a lot of vitamin D in mushroom, which is good for the absorption of calcium and has a good effect on the prevention of osteoporosis. There are many kinds of mushrooms, such as  mushrooms, Tricholoma, Pleurotus eryngii, etc. Besides, cook has various cooking methods for mushroom, such as cooking, stir frying, stewing, cold dishes and so on. Everything can be used, and it is easy to add to the daily diet. You must eat more because of the function of losing weight.


Chestnuts are rich in potassium, which can reduce swelling and promote the discharge of sodium salts. Chestnuts contain folic acid, which can nourish blood, so it is also suitable for pregnant women who need a lot of folic acid to prevent anemia.
In addition, the chestnut contains the necessary dietary fiber and vitamin C, and the vitamin C of the chestnut is surrounded by the starch, so heating does not cause significant loss.
What’s more, chestnuts are rich in vitamin B1, which can restore fatigue; vitamin B2 helps cells to grow and prevent aging; vitamin B6 is essential for the synthesis and metabolism of amino acids.
Therefore, eating chestnuts in the fall is very helpful for weight loss and healthy eating. But the heat of chestnuts is a bit high, so you can’t eat too much!


Saury is the delegate of “autumn taste”. Saury is fat and delicious. DHA and EPA are the typical nutrients of saury. These fatty acids are found only in fish fat. They lower cholesterol in the blood and prevent hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis.

In addition, these fatty acids are difficult to adhere to the body as fat, so it is not necessary to avoid the fat in fried foods even when you are trying to lose weight. Not only do they not cause obesity, but they also provide nutrients and boost metabolism. It helps to keep healthy and lose weight.

In addition, saury still contains potassium, vitamin A, D, iron, taurine and other nutrients. Can restore fatigue, reduce blood cholesterol.

What I recommend above is very suitable to eat in fall if you want to lose weight . I hope you get success weight loss in the near future.

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