Why Do Many People Get Fatter after Work?

Young people in their twenties have a big stomach, just like a “middle-aged fat” look. Why do many people get fatter after work?

High calorie diet

A lot of people usually eat out or go to a restaurant. However, this kind of eating behavior will make them gain weight unconsciously. Most of the food taken out belongs to high fat, high salt and high sugar food, which contains more calories, is not conducive to digestion, and will also lead to the increase of fat in the human body, resulting in obesity.


With the change of people’s working style, most modern people have developed the bad habit of “sitting still”, white-collar workers are nailed to the computer table every day, and have no time to exercise. Over time, the body’s fat will slowly accumulate, which is not far from obesity. Therefore, people who have been sedentary for a long time should pay more attention to physical exercise. After work, they’d better take part in basketball, volleyball, running and other sports.


We all know that there is a kind of obesity called “overworked fat”. According to research, the more stressed people are at work, the fatter they will be. Why on earth? Some people think that the “distraction” caused by hard work will reduce people’s sense of fullness after eating, so they will eat more. In addition, some people will reduce the psychological burden through delicious food, which will lead to obesity.

Wrong way to lose weight

Most of the women adopt the method of “reducing weight on working day”. On working day, they eat less and light food, mainly vegetables, and reward themselves greatly on weekends. In fact, this way can cause physical burden and four major symptoms.

Many women have been dating on weekends. They often overeat and feel guilty at the end of holidays. On the one hand, they are worried that eating and drinking on holidays will make them fat. On the other hand, they actively control their diet on working days, or even eat less than 1000 calories a day. As a result, they suffer from skin aging, fatigue, constipation, nutritional imbalance and other symptoms.

Experts suggest that people should maintain a balanced diet on weekdays and holidays. If they plan to have a big meal on weekends, they can choose to eat high protein food for breakfast for three days on working days, such as high fiber soymilk, fish, chicken and other salad, to increase fiber, which can help defecate. Usually, if you can’t eat 1200 calories a day, you can’t lose weight or get necessary nutrients.

It is not recommended to fast diet for weight loss, but to increase the amount of exercise. In addition, it is suggested that people who want to lose weight should not eat disorderly. Vegetables and fruits must be available. It is suggested to eat more high fiber foods such as sweet potatoes. It is not advisable to go on a diet for a while and overeat for a while, or the extreme will be the opposite.

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