What Is the Relationship between Stress and Obesity?

The fast-paced life makes people feel more stressed. Does stress make people fat? Many people are worried that their stress will increase their body fat, so they will start to gain weight. What is the relationship between stress and obesity? Here’s an explanation for why stress can easily lead to obesity.

Stress obesity refers to obesity caused by stress. The majority of the young generation suffer from stress obesity, among which men are more than 30 years old and women are around 25 years old. Women tend to suffer from stress obesity when they are younger than men.

The relationship between stress and obesity

Relieve stress by eating

Once people have pressure, they will have a feeling of boredom, so they can’t raise any passion to do things, which leads to worse things and greater pressure. Among them, women especially like to eat to relieve pressure, eat more, and then do not exercise, it must be long meat. And women who are a little bit fat will be very attentive and sensitive, which will lead to more and more pressure and eat more and more, which will naturally lead to obesity if they keep cycling.

Metabolic disorder

When people are under pressure, they will easily lose sleep, leading to insomnia. As time goes on, people’s metabolism will change the sugar and fat are not easy to be absorbed. When people are under pressure in life or work, they will like to eat sweets such as sugar and cake. Sweets are the natural enemies of obesity, and some people often eat when they can’t sleep at night. It’s not easy to digest before going to bed at night, and the food they eat can’t be consumed, and gradually accumulated, they become fat. So how to prevent pressure obesity

Suggestions for prevention of pressure obesity

1. When you feel too stressed, please be kind to yourself: don’t choose to eat and drink too much. You can do things you haven’t done for a long time and want to do, such as shopping, buying a dress you like, watching a movie, taking a hot bath, visiting your friends, etc.

2. Don’t put snacks and drinks at home or office, and don’t eat outside the dining table. Reduce the frequency of takeout to reduce the chance of eating junk food, and regularly evaluate the weight.

3. Do strenuous exercise from half an hour to an hour every day, such as running, playing basketball, fast walking, aerobics, etc., because strenuous exercise can effectively reduce the pressure.

Does pressure grow fat? Different from person to person, there is a certain relationship between stress and obesity, but it mainly depends on the way you relieve stress. If you eat and drink a lot, the stress will be relieved, but the body will start to gain weight. Therefore, we must pay attention to relieve the pressure properly.

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