What’s the Difference between Fat Loss and Weight Loss?

Many girls confuse weight loss with weight loss. Simply weigh yourself. As long as you lose weight, you will feel that your weight loss is effective. In fact, if you lose weight, you will lose weight. This idea is wrong, so how to distinguish between fat loss and weight loss. These methods can help you distinguish whether you have lost fat or weight

Method 1: find a professional instrument to test it

As the name suggests, fat reduction is to reduce the body fat, which is more in line with the concept of health, and weight loss may simply reduce the body’s water,

Method 2: measure whether three-dimensional changes occur

The subcutaneous fat and visceral fat of the people who have the effect of reducing fat will decrease gradually, so the circumference will also change, and the body shape of the people who lose weight will not change as much as that of the people who lose fat.

If you lose fat, in fact, the muscle changes of your body will be very obvious. At the beginning, you will lose weight. After a period of time, you can obviously feel that there are muscles in your body. This is because the fat is decreasing and the muscle becomes obvious. And weight loss may be the loss of water and fat together.


So how to reduce fat will be more effective?

First: for people with high weight, it’s better not to practice sports with too much intensity at the beginning, which is not conducive to fat loss, but also prone to joint injury, and it’s not easy for them to stick to it. To reduce fat, first make a reasonable arrangement of their diet, then appropriately increase exercise, slowly improve physical fitness, and finally enter into diversified sports training.

You can start with swimming. Compared with road sports, swimming does not damage the joints so much. If you are tired, you can walk in the water, or grasp a handrail and imitate the frog jump, which can increase the interest and improve the effect of weight loss.

Second: when your body function has been improved to some extent, you can try high intensity indirect training programs, such as skip rope. First, stick to one minute, then rest for 30-60 seconds. You can take a rest and sprint for a while. The effect of fat reduction will be very fast.

Third: it’s the most suitable time for busy people to do sports in spare time. They can do squats and lunges, which can help them reduce fat. The speed can be slower. They can practice for ten minutes every day, and have a rest once or twice, 30 to 50 seconds each time.

Pay attention to diet is very necessary for people who lose fat. After exercise, they eat and drink a lot. It’s good to choose low calorie food and eat more high protein things, such as chicken, eggs and fish. Usually, eat less and eat more, and try to eat less high calorie things in high sugar drinks, so as to reduce fat better.

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