How to Exercise Your Waist, Butt and Thighs?

“S” figure is a big sign of a good figure for girls, but in the past, it’s against our wishes. Not everyone has a slim waist and a cocky buttock. The fat on the body makes us headache. How can we lose weight most effectively? What does the movement of thin body include? Here are three ways to slim your stomach, hips and thighs. I hope they can help you.

How to slim waist?

1. Supine hip lift

First lie on your back on the bed, bend your legs, and put your hands on both sides of your body naturally; then use your heels to lift your hips slowly; after lifting your hips, slowly lower them to the starting position. It’s better to lift and lower them into one group and repeat five groups. You can also increase the lift height or single heel support according to your bearing capacity. This action can not only thin the waist, but also help tighten the hips!

2. Lie on the side and leg lifting

First lie on your back on the bed, then lie on your side and support your head with your left hand; then put your right hand in front of you to support your body, and then lift your right leg up to do side leg lifting exercise. When doing this, keep your body straight, don’t bend, and try to slow down. Repeat 20 times for each leg.

3. Prone shoulder lift

First lie down on the bed with arms straight forward; then slowly lift the upper body to the highest point (note that the head also needs to be slightly raised); slowly lower the body and return to the original position. When doing this, keep your abdomen and below close to the mat, do not use the inner mat, and do not use too much force. Repeat the front 10 times.

How to reduce the buttocks fat?

1. Standing on one foot


First, prepare a chair, hand on the back of the chair, and stand straight with both legs; then extend the right foot backward and upward, keep the left leg upright and motionless until the right leg reaches the maximum limit, and stay for 2 seconds to put it down; repeat the movement with the other leg, one group for each time, and six groups for each time.

2. Prone leg lifting

First, lie face down, cross your arms in the head position, and put your head on the crossed arms easily and naturally; then inhale, while inhale, lift your right leg, and after staying at the highest position for a few seconds, slowly exhale, and slowly lower your legs; change your left leg to repeat the above actions. Repeat 10 times.

How to lose leg fat?

1. Kick leg

First, stand with heels together and feet in the shape of “V”; then lift your right arm over your head, tighten your abdomen, and lift your right leg forward as much as possible; then lower your right arm to a horizontal position, at the same time, turn your right leg to the right; while leaning forward, continue to row your right leg back, and extend your right arm forward. Change sides after finishing.

2. Squat

First of all, stand straight with feet together, , feet eight out. Then slowly squat until the half squat position stops for 10 seconds. Take the whole squat, remember to straighten the whole! Then take a deep breath and stand up. Then change feet and merge, and do it again.

Try to do these slimming workout, maybe you will lose weight successfully one day if you insist on it. Just keep going on.

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