What Diseases Does Obesity Bring?

Obesity will not only make you fat, others will seem to think that your life habits are not good, but it is not only more fat, the body becomes poor, it will also cause some common diseases, which diseases is obesity easy to cause? The following diseases are more or less related to obesity.What diseases are caused by obesity? Keep away from diseases. Start from losing weight.

Diseases easily caused by obesity

1. Hyperlipidemia

Due to the ability of fat metabolism in the human body, with the growth of age, the amount of activity is becoming less and less, and fat will accumulate in the human body, causing high-fat blood. Generally speaking, early hyperlipidemia will not appear more obvious symptoms, most patients are found in the process of blood examination.

 2. Coronary heart disease

Obesity is easy to cause coronary heart disease, which has been confirmed by clinical medical research for a long time. The morbidity and mortality of coronary heart disease in obese patients are significantly higher than those in non obese patients, and the treatment of coronary heart disease in obese patients is more difficult and dangerous than that in non obese patients. It is the key to prevent and treat coronary heart disease to promote fat metabolism and reduce the deposition of lipids on the blood vessel wall.

3. Fatty liver

Almost half of obese patients have mild fatty liver, especially those with abdominal obesity are more likely to have fatty liver. In most cases, fatty liver patients do not have any special symptoms. However, as long as patients actively carry out treatment, reasonable according to their own physical conditions to lose weight, so that the weight back to normal, you can cure fatty liver.

4. Diabetes

The incidence of diabetes in normal weight population is only 0.7%, but the incidence of diabetes in moderate obesity will increase 4 times, and that in severe obesity will increase 30 times. According to modern medical research, 70% – 80% of the patients with non-insulin-dependent diabetes have a history of obesity. These people tend to live a richer life, eat more, have less physical activity, and become fat. Diabetes will follow.

5. Hypertension

Research shows that, with the increase of obese patients, more and more hypertensive heart disease and hypertension patients, such patients, during weight loss, when limiting the calories in the diet, also need to limit the salt intake, and to participate in more sports.

The above are five diseases easily caused by obesity, which may cause harm, even life-threatening when it is serious. Therefore, people with severe obesity must pay attention to it, reasonably arrange their own weight-loss process, healthy weight-loss, so as to stay away from the disease. Having a healthy body is more important than anything. Obesity brings a series of problems. Therefore, you must be responsible for your body, and don’t let yourself be overweight

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