What Time of the Day Is Suitable to Exercise to Lose Weight?

Someone will ask, can you do weight-loss exercise in the morning / noon / evening? What time of the day is suitable to exercise to lose weight? I want to say that, in fact, no matter what time you exercise, the calories you burn are almost the same. As long as you are willing to exercise, you must be able to lose weight. You don’t need to think about burning fat faster in the morning or burning fat faster in the evening. The point is that you should stick to it for a long time.

There are still some rules on how to lose weight through exercise:

1. The greater the intensity of exercise, the faster the speed of weight loss:

Compared with running, hula hoop running must burn more fat. Therefore, the more intense the exercise, the more tired the exercise, the better the effect of weight loss.

 2. The longer the exercise, the faster thespeed of weight loss :

Compared with 30 minutes of exercise, the effect of 30 minutes of exercise is better; the more exercise times per week, the more likely it is to lose weight. So, if you can keep exercising for a long time, the weight loss effect will be better.

If you choose morning / noon / evening three time periods, I give sports suggestions:

7:00 in the morning

Many people ask me, is it really a day plan in the morning? It is understood that many self disciplined people will choose to get up early for exercise, no matter ordinary people or beautiful stars. Many people think that after a night’s energy consumption, the body wakes up in the morning in a state of hypoglycemia. At this time, exercise will be more conducive to reducing fat.

I’d like to remind you that you still need to do warm-up exercise before exercising in the morning. Because it’s cold now, you’d better choose some sports with lower intensity, such as fast walking, jogging, yoga and other relaxed and gentle projects.

12:00 in the noon

If you exercise only at noon, eating will be a problem to think about. The time at noon is short. It’s not suitable to go to exercise after lunch. The stomach is full after eating. At this time, the exercise will shake the gastrointestinal tract and cause stomachache.

I suggest that if you exercise at noon, you can eat some bananas, nuts, dairy products before exercise, and do not exercise hungry.

7:00 in the evening

Evening sports, especially suitable for working people, because the evening is really the time for working people. After dinner, we have a rest. After energy replenishment, we can devote ourselves to running, jumping and iron lifting.

aMy suggestion is that if you want to do high-intensity exercise in the evening, two hours after meal is the most suitable one; if you want to do moderate intensity exercise, one hour after meal is more appropriate; if you want to do light exercise, half an hour after meal can start.

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