How Long Can Exercise Effectively Burn Fat?

It takes time to lose weight, but also to master certain methods, many people do not know how long exercise can effectively burn fat. In this regard, I will tell you this time.

First of all, the time for exercise to lose weight is not the longer the better. Generally speaking, the time for aerobic exercise to be consumed is about 40 minutes or more before fat consumption. In about 30 minutes, the time consumed is the body’s glycogen, and 40 minutes later is fat. Everyone’s physical exercise is different. It can’t be said that it’s universal here, but we have to judge according to our own situation.

What’s more, weight loss is based on the actual situation of individuals. Some people don’t exercise for a long time and want to achieve a good weight loss effect in a short time, so this practice must be based on the premise of losing health. For people with high weight, it’s better to lose weight in three months to half a year. If the weight is not particularly high, you can probably see the effect of losing weight in three months.

Exercise to lose weight is a necessary way to lose weight. We should pay attention to the time of exercise, but we can’t always struggle with this time. In fact, as long as we meet a certain amount of exercise every day and control our diet, we will lose weight. But for people who want to achieve a good figure, the effect will be doubled with half the effort if exercise time is reasonably arranged.

It is better to arrange exercise time in this way

Suggestion 1: exercise in the morning

If you are a sleepy person, you need to change it. There is really no way to lose weight for a lazy person. Only being diligent can have an effect. Try to go to work by bike 20 minutes in advance every day, or climb the stairs downstairs of the company. The calories consumed by these sports are very objective.

Suggestion 2: use rest time in the office

We are not robots. No one will blame us for a proper rest. We can work for an hour or two. We can use the rest time in the middle to do squatting and leg lifting. The fragmented time is also conducive to weight loss.

Suggestion 3: don’t forget the time at night

In the evening, I usually rest at home. After dinner, it’s better not to lie down and watch TV. Although many people have this habit, it’s not too late to change it. I can go out for a walk with my family, cultivate more feelings, or watch TV at home. I can help my family do housework in the evening, which can consume fat.

Taking out time to lose weight is what we should do when we lose weight. On the one hand, we want to lose weight. On the other hand, we say that we don’t have time. There will always be a reasonable time arrangement. If we master a reasonable time and method to exercise, the effect will be better.

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