What Should You Wear When Workout?

 What should you wear when workout? Today I will introduce a workout jacket to you — Women Neoprene Sauna Slimming Workout Body Shaper Suit Jacket. 100% Neoprene heats you up and keeps your metabolic temperature up -Two side pockets with fluorescent zipper is convenient to carry small things while running or exercising -Long Sleeves keeps you warm outdoor in winter and helps to burn arm fat &toned arms. Fluorescent full zip up can lock the heat inside your body so it protects you from the chilly wind. Let us see what it is.

Designed for outdoor enthusiasts

Gym jacket shirt with long sleeves designed for outdoor enthusiasts. Not only warms you up in cold weather but protects you from the chilly wind. The best of all is helping with burning arm fat, eliminating sag of upper arms to make your arms look slimmer. Jacket can preserve body heat and stimulate sweat during exercise. It is made for workout exercise, which can make you sweat 3 times and help to flatten your tummy, lose inches and burn the fat away. Long sleeves reduce heat loss and It can keep you warm in cold weather.

Fluorescent full zipper

Fluorescent full zipper feature is great for taking on or off with ease. The zipper is sturdy and durable. It helps to lock the heat inside your body once zipped up. And there’s a protective layer behind it that protects your skin. It is comfortable enough to wear on a normal daily routine.

Insert pockets with zippers

Insert pockets with zippers in each side of the hems, can store many personal small things safely when doing sports or working out at the gym. Such as keys, cell phones, cards or wallet etc. It’s a convenient design for fitness enthusiasts.

Fashion phosphor pattern

Fashion phosphor pattern combined with our sauna sweat suits is ideal for any activities, especially for night running and exercising. It makes you shine like a star in the dark. Great for staying warm in the cold weather and gives you an instant slimming look.

Suitable occasions

Home, gym, exercising, cycling, yoga, running, walking, indoor, outdoor, any occasion you want to lose weight and look slimmer. It matches with any combination of workout pants.

Warm tips

The smell of neoprene is normal, which like a “rubber” but no danger. It would be easy gone after a few times hand washes with cool water and hang dry. Any questions with the fat loss shapewear, kindly contact us; we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It is recommended to wash it after each use, particularly after exercising. Hand wash in cold water with a soft detergent. Squeeze out and drain.


Women Neoprene Sauna Slimming Workout Body Shaper Suit Jacket maximizes weight loss. High compression, firm control and shapes your waist. It gives you an hourglass shape, firm tummy, waist, abdomen. Sauna suit clothing help weight loss and dieting.

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