Why Don’t You Eat too Much but Still Don’t Lose Weight?

A lot of people eat a small amount of food in order to be slim, but even if they don’t eat much, they don’t lose weight. What’s the reason? Today I’ll summarize a few reasons Why don’t you eat too much but still don’t lose weight?

Eat less but have more calories

Eating too much calories can easily lead to obesity. Although some people avoid eating too much calories by reducing their intake, eating too little doesn’t mean you have less calories. A bowl of rice and a piece of chocolate, whose calories are higher or lower, can you separate them?

Have been on an excessive diet

In order to lose weight, many beautiful people will go on a diet deliberately. In fact, in the process of dieting, they are over dieting. This method can achieve significant results in a short period of time, but it will also cause great harm to the body and reduce their basic metabolic rate. Therefore, when you go on a diet successfully and start a normal diet, the added energy will be much more than yourself Consumption, rebound situation immediately.

Irregular work and rest

Nowadays, many young people have the habit of staying up late, but staying up late is also a big reason for the reduction of basal metabolic rate. When the human body enters into sleep, all human organs also enter a resting state, and irregular work and rest will make the organs of the body appear disorder, or work with high load. Over time, the working efficiency of the organs and the energy they can consume are also less and less.

  1. Don’t like fruits and vegetables

Most people who are prone to obesity have heavy taste, like some heavy oil and salt food, like to eat some high calorie food, and there is no good habit of eating fruits and vegetables in daily life. If you are like this, even if you eat less each meal, the calories are also high..

Eat too fast

Many people eat very fast. For various reasons, some people are busy. Some people don’t think they spend too much time eating. In fact, eating too fast, especially that kind of wolfing, is a super fast type of eating. When you eat, the brain is to convey the command of satiety. Maybe you didn’t find it. About 30 minutes after the start of the meal, if you devour before you’re full, you will unconsciously enlarge your stomach and lead to obesity,

Too much exercise

Some people who want to lose weight quickly do long-term high-pressure exercise, which is not right, because long-term exercise will make you feel tired and hard to adhere to or even increase your appetite. And separate exercise is to improve active metabolism and not increase appetite, which is what we call segmented calorie burning.

Therefore, if you want to lose weight really, you need to correct your habits to help you achieve the goal of lose weight.

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