How to Make Your and Appetite Smaller?

People’s appetite is big or small, which has an impact on the results of weight loss. For overweight people, the first step to lose weight by surgery is to cut the stomach. That’s because their stomachs are too big. Normal diet may not be enough. No matter how they control their diet, they still eat too much. So today let’s talk about how to make your and appetite smaller.

1、 Lose weight step by step, slowly reduce the amount of food

Originally, there were two bowls of rice for one meal, now one and a half bowls of rice. As a result, I was hungry for a while, and then I ate more! Many people believe that two bowls of rice a day is a “normal diet”, but after calculation, they find that they eat too much all year round.

So it’s necessary for everyone to set up a weight-loss plan and how much they eat every day. For example, a chops box meal has about 800 calories, half of rice and half of chops can take about 300 calories less, forming a habit can reduce the amount of food.

2、 Lose weight regularly and quantitatively, not missing every meal

When people are hungry, they feel delicious. So hunger not only can’t lose weight, but also makes you a person who is not picky about any food and wants to put it in your stomach. So if you sometimes find that you want to eat everything, you want to eat until you are full. It must be because of the consequences of your starvation. But to reduce your stomach capacity, you need to make sure that you don’t miss three meals a day and that you’re 6 or 7 points full per meal.

3、It’s not advisable to drink plenty of water when losing weight

Many people believe that drinking a lot of water can wash the intestines, reduce constipation and even thin. However, when the stomach is full of food, the more you drink, the more you drink, and the more you drink.

4、To lose weight, we should chew carefully and swallow slowly, and be a civilized person

Among the fat people, there are many who eat fast, because they swallow food without careful chewing, and they also swallow it together with air, making the stomach more likely to swell. So when you eat, you might as well think of a thoughtful goddess and resolutely refuse to swallow it 20 times

The important thing in weight loss is to control your mouth, so it’s very important to reduce your appetite. Of course, weight loss can’t be successful in a day. So from now on, control your appetite from each meal and make a proper diet. I believe you can see progress soon. To make your body look better, please control your appetite.

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