How Do You Always Feel Hungry when You Lose Weight?

How do you always feel hungry when you lose weight? I believe that people who have lost too much weight know that the most painful thing during weight loss is the feeling of hunger and the feeling of guilt after eating. Both of these two feelings are very unpleasant, so they are also the biggest obstacle on the way to lose weight for many people. In order to get rid of this obstacle on the way to lose weight, first of all, we need to know why we always want to eat during weight loss and how to control our appetite.

1、 Drink more water and exercise more

Many obese people, in fact, do not have the habit of drinking water. With the loss of water, people are prone to hunger. When you lose weight, when you feel hungry, you can drink two more lemonade or flower tea, or you can drink sesame paste and oatmeal, which are low calorie foods, to enhance your sense of fullness. In addition, when you are hungry, don’t rush to eat and devour, so you will eat more unconsciously. You can drink some soup before eating, which is also a good way to control your appetite. At the same time, we can also do housework, exercise and other ways to timely transfer appetite.

2、 Eat more filling food

During the weight-loss period, the food needs to be adjusted reasonably, and the food with strong sense of fullness should be eaten more. Most of the coarse food belongs to this category, so you can eat more sweet potatoes, pumpkins, soymilk, potatoes, etc. In addition, konjac, yoghurt, cucumber, apple, etc. are good weight-loss foods, which can be eaten together. In order to maintain the health of the human body, it is recommended that foods rich in high-quality fat and protein, such as eggs, chicken breast, deep sea fish, are good weight-loss ingredients, which can not suppress their appetite, but also easily thin.

3、 Go to bed early, don’t stay up late

Hunger is often a kind of uncomfortable feeling, but usually it doesn’t last long, so you can think that hunger will pass soon, if you don’t eat, you will consume fat. In addition, when you feel a little hungry, don’t exercise hard. If it’s evening, you should clean up and go to sleep as soon as possible, because if you stay up late, you often want to eat another one Night snack, but at night people’s movement is less, not only aggravates the gastrointestinal burden, but also easy to cause fat accumulation.

People who fail to lose weight often fail to find a proper way to lose weight. They think that one meal of hunger can make them lose weight successfully. But in fact, we don’t need to completely control our appetite. To be exact, we should relieve our appetite and shift our attention in time.


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