What Aerobic Exercise Can Effectively Lose Weight?

For people who lose weight, diet and exercise are the methods that many people choose, while aerobic exercise is a more scientific way to lose weight. Many people will choose jogging to lose weight, which belongs to aerobic exercise. I often hear about aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise. So what is aerobic exercise? In addition to running, what other aerobic exercise can effectively lose weight?

What kind of exercise is aerobic?

Although there are many types of aerobic exercise, running is not necessarily aerobic. Heart rate is the standard of measurement. Exercise with heart rate maintained at 150 times / minute is aerobic exercise. Blood can provide sufficient oxygen for human body. But if the heart rate is more than 150 beats per minute, the exercise at this time belongs to anaerobic exercise. When jogging, the heart rate is maintained at 150 times / minute, which belongs to aerobic exercise. But when you sprint, your heart rate will rise to 160 or 170 or even 180 minutes, and there is no oxygen supply. This is called anaerobic exercise.

Whenever looking at their own fat is very upset, that should be hard to do, adhere to aerobic exercise. Let’s learn about the aerobic exercise that can burn fat effectively.

1. Jogging

At the beginning, jogging is the most popular way to lose weight. Although jogging is the simplest method, jogging is also a very fat burning exercise method. Sometimes jogging is boring, which leads to many people can’t hold on to it and have no effect, but don’t give up. Jogging for 30 minutes burns 327 calories, the equivalent of 90 peanuts.

2. Swimming

The density of water is high, 30 minutes in water is equivalent to 1 hour on land. Swimming is a whole body sport. When you swim in the water, your heart rate and vital capacity will increase, and your body’s metabolic rate will also increase. Swimming for 30 minutes consumes 518 calories, which is one of the fastest aerobic exercises to burn fat.

 3. Rope skipping

Rope skipping is a very convenient aerobic exercise. As long as you have rope in your hand, you can do it anytime, anywhere. According to the American Sports Medicine Association, rope skipping can burn 372 calories in 30 minutes, which is a relatively fast situation. Generally, it is better to use intermittent exercise.

The key point of aerobic exercise is that human body should exercise under the condition of sufficient oxygen supply. The intensity of exercise is generally medium and high (the maximum heart rate fluctuates between 60% and 80%), and the duration should be at least 5 minutes. For people who want to lose weight, exercise takes more than 30 minutes. Because the body in the state of aerobic exercise, 30 minutes before fat will not be consumed, generally in about an hour can achieve weight loss effect.

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