What Is the Relationship between the Sleep and Obesity?

The sleep report shows that the average sleep time of young people is only 7.5 hours, and the general sleep is not good. Among the consequences caused by the lack of sleep, obesity may be one of the most concerned topics. Because lack of sleep is easy to lead to obesity. If you think less sleep can help you lose weight, you are wrong. On the contrary, lack of sleep can easily lead to obesity. What is the relationship between the length of sleep and obesity?

1. Sleep deprivation reduces growth hormone production

Generally, growth hormone, which can affect the metabolic rate of human body, will be secreted in large quantities between 11:00 and 1:00 p.m., while staying up late will reduce the speed of hormone secretion and affect the basic metabolic rate. If the basal metabolic rate is reduced, excess calories can easily be converted into fat accumulation in the body after eating.

 2. Sleep deprivation suppresses leptin production

Leptin is a kind of natural protein hormone. It can inhibit appetite, increase capacity consumption and fat synthesis. It is very important for weight control. But when the sleep time is insufficient, it will not only inhibit the secretion of leptin, but also increase the production of hunger hormone. In the condition of leptin deficiency, it is very difficult to resist the high carbohydrate foods which are prone to obesity. As a result, lack of sleep may increase your appetite and thus your appetite.

 3. Lack of sleep is easy to increase physiological pressure

Long term lack of sleep will lead to increased physiological pressure, which will lead to chronic inflammation of the body. If the body starts the protection mechanism, it will start to accumulate water and energy.  That will cause the phenomenon of edema and increased fat synthesis. Naturally, the weight will rise. People who lack sleep will be slow, inattentive, unresponsive and have worse motor skills. In addition, drowsiness can lead to the impairment of balance ability and deep perception ability.

Lack of sleep is easy to lead to obesity. If you want to lose weight, it is necessary to ensure a reasonable schedule and adequate sleep time. Proper sleep is good for health. The best solution is to increase aerobic exercise for more than 30 minutes every day.That can effectively increase the basic consumption rate. Therefore,  the body will be uplifted from the inside to the outside. For those who do not have enough sleep, they should pay attention to early sleep and get up early, try not to stay up late. If they stay up late, they should try to find a way to make up their sleep in the fragmented time. In addition, during sleep, metabolites are removed from the extracellular space and do not accumulate in the brain. Therefore, good sleep can promote the clearance of dementia protein and other metabolites, which has an important protective effect on cognitive function.

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