What are the Misunderstandings of Weight Loss in Summer?

What are the misunderstandings of losing weight in summer? Summer is coming, summer weather is hot, many people are in the period of weight loss choose indoor sports, weight loss needs to make a reasonable weight loss plan for themselves, but also don’t forget what weight loss needs to pay attention to, for example, to avoid some weight loss mistakes, the following list of common mistakes for you to lose weight in summer. let’s take a look what are the misunderstandings of losing weight in summer.

Misunderstanding 1: do not eat staple food to lose weight

Many people think that reducing the intake of starch can quickly reduce weight, so three meals do not eat staple food, but eat fruit or diet instead. But without staple food, the body can’t decompose fat directly. It can only decompose muscles on the body. However, muscle density is high, water content is large, volume is small and weight is large. If you decompose a little muscle, you will lose a lot of weight, which is not good for the body. If you really don’t want to eat rice and noodles, you can also eat some grains and sweet potatoes instead.

Misunderstanding 2: take vegetables as the main food

Vegetables are low in calories and really useful for weight loss. Eating more vegetables for three meals a day is better for weight loss than eating meat. But some people think that vegetables can replace staple food, which is wrong. Even though the vegetable is low in calories, if you eat a large amount of food, it will not only lose the balance of nutrition, but also lead to a larger appetite. Once the appetite becomes larger, it is difficult to recover. When you stop taking vegetables as the main meal after that day, it is easy to feel hungry, and then look for other food to replace it, which eventually leads to a rise in weight.

Misunderstanding 3: the stronger the exercise is, the better the exercise is

We all know that weight loss cannot be separated from exercise, but exercise should follow the principle of step-by-step, and be carried out by gradually increasing the exercise load. Only when there is a certain intensity of stimulation can the adaptability of the body be changed. If the amount of exercise is too small, it has no exercise effect, and if the amount of exercise is too large, it will cause damage to the function of the body. It is not allowed to suddenly increase the amount of exercise or interrupt the exercise. Only step-by-step can we achieve the best results Short time to achieve the best results.

What are the misunderstandings of losing weight in summer? The above is your department can meet the weight loss error, you must avoid the weight loss, master the right way to lose weight to effectively help you reduce excess body weight.

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