Can Hula Hoops Reduce Your Waistline?

Can hula hoops reduce your waist? Have you ever used hula hoops to exercise? What do you think it’s good for you ? Hula hoops can reduce your waist. Because when the hula hoop reaches the stage of aerobic exercise, it can burn the whole body fat, and the waist and abdomen fat will naturally burn. In addition, hula hoop can help the intestinal peristalsis, promote the digestion of the stomach, help smooth defecation, and also help the treatment of constipation.

How long can hula hoop reduce your waist?

Hula hoop is not vigorous aerobic exercise, aerobic exercise can better consume fat, but the heat consumption is less, it needs a longer duration. So in order to achieve the effect of hula hoop thin waist, we need to adhere to it for a long time, so that the fat in the waist and abdomen can be slowly digested under the action of exercise and massage.

Generally speaking, you need to turn 4-6 times a week, 2-3 groups each time, each group turns for 20-30 minutes. You can rest for 20-30 minutes. The intensity of hula hoop is not strong, but there must be enough exercise time.

Be careful:

1. Hula hoop weight

Hula hoops should not be heavy. Generally speaking, if your weight is light and your constitution is poor, it’s better to choose a lighter hula hoop. Not too heavy hula hoop need to spend a lot of effort, it will become vigorous exercise, so not only can not lose weight, but also the whole body ache.

2. The position to shake the hula hoop

For people who have just touched the hula hoop, they may not know which part of their body should be used to shake the hula hoop. Hula hoop should be swinging just at the junction of thoracolumbar spine. This is the most helpful way to reduce the weight of the waist and abdomen.

3. Not suitable for lumbar muscle strain or calcium deficiency

Because shake hula hoop mainly rely on waist strength, fully exercise the waist muscle, abdominal muscle, side waist muscle and other parts, adhere to the exercise can achieve the effect of tightening the waist and abdomen. However, we need to remind that people with lumbar muscle strain, spinal cord injury, osteoporosis and the elderly are not suitable for this sport. In addition, before you shake the hula hoop, you should do some stretching exercises to stretch the ligaments and avoid sprains.

Can hula hoops reduce your waist? Have you ever used hula hoops to exercise? All in all, exercise to lose weight is not a matter of two days a day, and obesity is not caused by two days a day. No matter what kind of exercise you are engaged in, remember to grasp a principle: for a long time and for a long time, a little asthma will not be too much.

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