What are the five mistakes of slim your waist?

What is the five mistakes of slim your waist? Waist often can accumulate lots of fat because of sitting in a long time. How to slim waist quickly? First of all, we should know the five mistakes of thin waist.

Mistake 1: Daily waist exercise can firm abdominal muscles

Many girls think that daily waist exercise can firm the abdominal muscles. Although exercise can promote fat burning, once the exercise is relaxed, the fat will “counterattack” and give up all previous efforts.

Mistake 2: Only high-density exercises can double the effect

Is it better to repeat an action dozens of times than dozens of times? In fact, fitness is not the accumulation of quantity, but should pay attention to the change of quality. Many girls’ exercises do not stop until sweating, in fact, the action is not in place, and it is a waste to do more. The key of abdominal muscle training is to put the movement in place and to pause properly. It’s better to take 15 movements as one group and do 2-3 groups each time.

Mistake 3: Exercise belly = slim waist

Many people confuse the movement of exercise belly with the movement of reducing waist fat. They think that an action can reduce waist and also beautify abdomen, but it is often easier to lose waist fat than to build abdominal muscles. Belly exercise needs to be combined with diet, reduce the intake of high calorie food, and adhere to the corresponding training to build a small waist.

Mistake 4: abdominal exercises need to be done on inclined instruments

It is true that the abdominal muscles can be subjected to greater pressure on the inclined equipment, but this is not suitable for all practitioners, especially the beginners. Generally, the abdomen of the beginners is relatively soft, without strength and flexibility, and it is easy to hurt the back muscles or even the spine.

Mistake 5: sit-ups are the best way to exercise abdominal muscles

When it comes to a thin waist, many people will say that sit ups are the best way to lose weight for exercising abdominal muscles. However, in the process of exercise, this weight-loss action is often not in place. During the exercise, the back and shoulders work hard, while the abdomen is not really exercised. As a result, the shoulder is sore and the back is painful, while the belly is still the same. The girl who really wants to use sit ups are thin waist Keep this posture for 5 seconds when the upper body is at 45 degrees with the ground, and only do it 10 times per minute. Only in this way can the weight loss effect be better and effective.

How to slim waist quickly? Five misunderstandings of slim your waist should be known.

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