What are the most common problems of weight loss?

Many people think that losing weight is not an easy thing. In the process of losing weight, there will always be such and such problems. What should we pay attention to and what are the most common problems? The following questions must be known.

Q1: Running and jogging, which is better to lose weight?

A1: not necessarily. There is no difference between good and bad sports. You don’t need to make hard choices because they can coexist. If you want to lose weight, it is recommended that you choose three kinds of exercise alternately. The advantage of doing this is: “the possibility of encountering platform period (without losing weight) will be greatly reduced.” So if you walk fast today, why don’t you jog tomorrow? Don’t make the exercise rigid and boring. It’s hard to keep going, right?

Q2: do you have to sweat to lose weight?

A2: No, sweat is determined by sweat glands, and weight loss is determined by fat cells. Many people don’t know the relationship between weight loss and sweating. In fact, it’s like this: sweating exercise can definitely reduce weight, but not all the exercise of weight loss. If you sweat every time you exercise, it’s a good way to lose weight, but if you don’t sweat every time you exercise, it’s also possible that your sweat glands are not developed enough, that is, you are not born to sweat.

Q3: why to lose weight instead of losing it?

A3: at the beginning of exercise, the fatigue caused by the body’s unaccustomed will cause some people to have a little edema, or the psychological effect will affect them to want more. But when you get used to it, your body will become more obedient. What we should care about is the good-looking lines of clothes, not the figures on the weight machine.

Q4: can’t you eat food with high starch content to lose weight?

A4: No. Starch is a complex carbohydrate with 4 calories per gram of starch or protein. So in grams, starch is not fatter than protein. It’s very important to eat more cellulose. These foods mainly refer to coarse grains, broad beans, peas and fresh vegetables. Although fiber does not make people thin, it can accelerate the excretion of food in the large intestine.

Q5: is it true that the less you eat, the faster you lose weight?

A5: No. Many people believe that as long as we reduce the amount of food we eat, the body will not be able to absorb enough calories, only be able to consume the original calories in the body, so that we can achieve the effect of weight loss. In fact, if you eat too little, it will lead to electrolyte imbalance in the body, resulting in edema, which in the eyes of outsiders, will feel that the body has become fatter. On the other hand, even though dieting to achieve the goal of weight loss. There is also a great chance of a rebound.

What are the most common problems of weight loss? You must know the above common problems of weight loss.

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