Why is the Face Getting Bigger and Bigger?

Why is the face getting bigger and bigger? In fact, many people’s big face is not born, often is the result of some acquired life habits, so thin face should start from changing these habits.

Sleeping on your stomach for a long time

Sleeping on your stomach will make your body be oppressed. It will not only wrinkle, but also deform your face. If you can’t lie on your back, at least alternate left and right sides.

Breathe with your mouth

When sleeping, many people will unconsciously breathe with their mouth, which will affect the shape of nose and mouth and the occlusion of teeth. Over time will make the tongue forward, the chin will not consciously deformation.

Overuse of masticatory muscles

Excessive use of masticatory muscles leads to muscle development. Chewing gum, eating hard food, etc. will make masticatory muscles into muscles and inadvertently become big faces. In fact, the proper exercise of masticatory muscles will help to thin the face, but it is not recommended to take too long, after all, the mouth will be tired.

Lack of facial movement

The body lacks sports meeting fat, not to mention the face! Dull expression, expressionless face, will store fat for your face. You can do some mouth movement, facial muscles, but also a simple massage to promote circulation.

Stay up late

Staying up late will cause poor lymph circulation, poor metabolism, and excessive water intake, poor blood circulation and other factors are easy to cause edema. Drinking red bean water and black coffee can help relieve edema, massage the face every time, and reduce swelling.

How to thin face most effectively?

Diet to slim face

If you are an edematous fat face, you should pay more attention to your diet. Too much salt intake, the body’s water can not be discharged in time, it is easy to cause facial edema. Diet or to light, want to quickly discharge edema, usually eat more cucumber, apple, wax gourd, and other drainage food.

Face reduction by chewing

Don’t worry about chewing ugly big cheeks, as long as you choose the right chewing object, it will help to slim your face! For example, you can choose banana, celery, bread and other food to avoid hard food. When chewing, you should pay attention to both sides of the face to prevent asymmetric face.

Massage thin face

Before getting up early and going to bed, you can do a set of thin face massage exercises, promote the blood circulation of the face, drive away the meat accumulation on the face, and make the face more three-dimensional. With your fingers together, start to massage slowly from the chin to the back of your ear. Then gently press the meat on the face with your fingers, pay attention to the strength. It is better to apply the essential oil or massage cream before massage!

Why is the face getting bigger and bigger? Want to have a delicate face, thin face from the change of these habits began.

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