What are Your Mistakes in Losing Weight?

What are your mistakes in losing weight? Now many people have been on the way to lose weight, but no matter how many methods are used, there are always all kinds of frustrations or weight loss can not be reduced. At this time, people who want to lose weight should think about whether there is a mistake in losing weight. 

Zero calories and high fiber

There are many so-called zero calorie, high dietary fiber drinks on the market. Many people who lose weight will drink them as water. Nutritionists remind that it’s OK to drink them occasionally, but it’s not good to drink them every day, because although artificial sugar has no calories, many food additives may change the ecology of intestinal bacteria, affect the metabolism of the body, and cause people to gain weight instead.

Don’t want to waste

Don’t want to waste although it is a virtue, but it has become the reason to eat too much, especially the rest of the meal is not finished, hard to eat, if there are obesity and blood sugar problems, it’s not good for the body, doctors suggest that when ordering, you can first ask the store to reduce the amount of food, or pack it back home to eat at night, are good methods.

Eat while busy

Many people are used to “eating while doing things”. Not only do they not relax and enjoy cooking, but they may also lead to confusion in their diet and life. They can’t even remember what they have eaten. In fact, it only takes 15-20 minutes to concentrate on eating, not too much time. Choosing your own meals carefully, sitting at the table and facing the food well, can also get the satisfaction of “satiety” in spirit.

Strict restrictions for the diet

Does weight loss only depend on willpower? In fact, American research has found that if the regulations are too strict, it is easy to have a “break the precept reaction”. That is to say, under the strict control of diet, you just can’t help eating a piece of cake, and then you decide to give up weight loss and eat special food. It’s better to eat when you want to eat, but slow down and feel the satisfaction when you eat the first bite. After eating the second and third bites, when you find that the satisfaction doesn’t exist, try to stop and practice several times, and you will be more comfortable.

Novel weight loss

Many famous people or netizens will recommend many novel fast weight loss methods, which are very attractive, but in fact, behind the success of these weight loss methods, there may be more people who fail, and extreme weight loss methods will cause physiological counterattack, easy to gain weight, as time goes on, there will be physical and mental problems, so we can see the effect and long-term effect by choosing diet and exercise weight loss through medical demonstration Maintenance.

The real healthy way to lose weight is to increase metabolism and let consumption exceed input. How to improve metabolism? Change your lifestyle, make changes in diet, work and rest, exercise, eat nutritionally balanced food, sugar and fat well controlled.

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