What are the Five Most Fattening Times of the Day?

What are the five most fattening times of the day? You’ve been trying to lose weight, but have you ever prevented it? The original five times of the day is the most likely to gain weight!

Sleeping in the bed in the morning

The result of staying in bed, of course, is that there is no time to eat breakfast seriously. It is said that “breakfast should be like the emperor”. Not eating breakfast will not only affect metabolism and reduce energy consumption, but also lead to overeating and overeating in the next meal, but also lead to obesity. In addition, not getting up on time directly affects the biological clock, making blood circulation and body metabolism problems, which are very harmful to weight loss.

Solution: make mechanization for yourself, such as going to bed early and getting up early from tomorrow, regular work and rest, eating breakfast on time, asking to correct at least one bad habit in a day, and stick to it for a period of time.

30 minutes before lunch

I don’t know if you have such an experience, that is, 30 minutes before lunch, you will become very hungry and want to eat something

There are many people around, at this time, they will choose to fill their stomachs with snacks, but it doesn’t matter. Potato chips, spicy chips, biscuits, doughnuts, ask yourself, which won’t make you fat to explode! The calories will exceed the standard in minutes, let alone control the diet!

Solution: when you are hungry before lunch, you should pay attention to the choice of food, such as fruit or nuts, which are much better than snacks.

Before leaving work

After a whole day’s hard work, I feel that my body is hollowed out. At this moment, many people are looking for snacks to decompress, and they can’t stop eating once they eat them. I don’t know that this not only disturbs the normal eating rhythm but also accidentally eats high-calorie food, which is easy to break the weight-loss plan.

The solution: do some simple stretching before work, divert your attention, or drink some hot water to relieve.

After exercise

Usually there is no time for exercise, some people will choose to go to the gym after work, which is of course very good. But some people will have such a psychology: “I’m exercising today, and I sweat a lot. Can I reward myself?”

So I choose to indulge myself in eating a big meal without restraint after fitness, but after measurement, what I eat is far more than what I consume in sports!

Solution: after fitness, you can add more protein food, eggs, milk, or bananas are also good, to alleviate exercise fatigue and supplement trace elements.

Before going to bed

During this period before going to bed, many girls have a deep understanding of who will be special in front of the house! Don’t! Hungry! Plus staying up late and sleeping late, there is no way to control themselves not to eat!

So a lot of convenient food, take out night has become the best choice When you have enough to eat and drink, you will sleep when you are almost tired, which is the most terrible thing. At this time, the heat will be directly converted into fat, and the next day you will find that you are instantly fat.

Solution: before going to bed diet can be vegetable juice, whole wheat food, increase satiety, alleviate the restless mood caused by hunger before going to bed. If you can’t, just go to sleep!

In order not to make yourself fat, you should be alert to the five most likely to gain weight for one time in a day.

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