How to Exercise to Lose Weight in Summer?

How to exercise to lose weight in summer? Summer is very hot. Some people want to lose weight, it seems to see the hot sun cannot help “flinch”, but weight loss cannot give up halfway, how to exercise in summer to lose weight fast? Here are five sports for you. You don’t need to run in the hot sun, and you don’t have to worry about heatstroke because you can do it indoors.


When it comes to how to lose weight in summer, many people will think of “swimming”. Swimming not only exercises the hands, feet, waist and abdomen of the human body, but also benefits the internal organs, such as heart, brain, lung, liver, etc. it belongs to a kind of systemic exercise, which is a good choice for people with systemic obesity. If you can’t swim, you can try walking fast in the pool, which is good for increasing heart rate.

Fitness ball

Using fitness ball to exercise can help to harmonize qi and blood, relax tendons and bones, strengthen internal organs, strengthen brain and benefit intelligence. Moreover, this kind of sports will not be restricted by the venue, and it can be directly exercised at home in hot weather. Fitness ball is an interesting way of exercise, but also can be combined with yoga, for shaping is also very useful.


Dancing can exercise every muscle of the body, not only can lose weight and reduce weight, but also can relax yourself and make your mood more pleasant. The dance mentioned here does not require you to know some kind of dance. You can swing freely, then play your favorite music and dance your hands and feet. If you are interested in dancing, you can also sign up for dance training classes.

Skipping rope

Skipping rope to lose weight is very simple, only need a rope can, and will not be restricted by the venue. Rope skipping consumes more calories than jogging. It belongs to one of aerobic exercises, and the effect of weight loss is very good. But skipping weight loss must jump long enough to be useful, if you can jump ten minutes in a row, then the effect is very good. The first jumpers can gradually increase the amount of exercise.

Jumping jack

Jumping jack weight loss effect is very good, it is a “anaerobic exercise” and “aerobic exercise” combination, and will not be restricted by the venue, can be done at home. First of all, stand naturally with both hands on both sides; when jumping up, open your feet and hands over the top of your head to hit a palm; after hitting the palm, take back your feet, and your hands will return to their original positions, which is the completion of a group. If you want to lose weight quickly, be sure to do a few groups a day.

Weight loss is not achieved overnight, need to lose weight for a long time, even in summer, how to exercise to lose weight in summer? The above recommended sports and summer weight loss is the most suitable!

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