4 Things You should Know when Lose Weight without Change

You are very hard to lose weight, why still not thin? In the face of such a problem, it is necessary to reflect on their own weight loss methods. Once you use the wrong way to lose weight, you are doing useless work. Look at the small make-up for you to check the 5 causes of weight loss failure, the trick you have to correct it!

You’ve chosen an extreme diet

The key to losing weight is not how much you eat, but how you match it.

The right diet should be balanced in nutrition, including fruits and vegetables, meat and coarse grains. However, if you choose a diet that is too extreme, such as eating only fruits and vegetables, or choosing juice detoxification, even if you can see the effect now, it is only an illusion, and it will rebound soon.

This will slow down the metabolism, so as to save energy. Other people are trying to increase muscle and fat, but your muscle is disappearing. This is the wrong direction! When normal women lose weight, their daily intake of calories should not be less than 1200. If they fall below this value, they will lose weight and not hurt themselves.

There is something wrong with your sleeping habits

Do you get at least 7-7.5 hours of sleep a day? In fact, not enough sleep, or sleep the wrong time, people will become fat Oh!

When people go into deep sleep, the body will secrete growth hormone, which can help you to consume accumulated fat. Moreover, this hormone is secreted during sleep at night, especially during the inverse sleep period 90 minutes after sleep, so it is useless to stay up late at night and sleep again during the day.

In addition, after 30 years of age, the secretion of this hormone will be greatly reduced, so you still in your twenties must grasp this low-cost and low-cost weight loss method.

Only rely on diet, you don’t match exercise

Diet alone but lazy to exercise, presumably there should be a considerable number of weight loss people like this? But it doesn’t work.

If you only rely on the diet for weight reduction, but do not take corresponding exercise, you will find that your mental outlook will become worse and your metabolism will slow down. Although you eat less, you will also consume less calories. As a result, stubborn fat will not be consumed, but will continue to accumulate. As mentioned above, your precious muscles will disappear.

And the point is that you can’t go on a diet for a lifetime. In this case, once you get back to normal eating, your body will absorb more quickly, exceeding your weight in minutes.

You did the wrong exercise

You eat strictly according to the nutrition menu and exercise, but why don’t you see any obvious changes? Well, it’s probably because you did the wrong exercise. Aerobic exercise is recognized as the best exercise to reduce fat, such as walking and running. If you don’t do aerobic exercise, it’s likely to consume sugar rather than fat. You try to become a dog, but fat is not involved.

Moreover, it’s not as soon as you do aerobic exercise that you will start to consume fat. In this case, time is more important than intensity. If you do aerobic exercise, you must continue to do more than 20 minutes before you start to consume fat. Therefore, if you choose the wrong exercise, there will be a deviation in pertinence. After all, the suitable exercise for reducing fat, increasing muscle and shaping lines is not the same.

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