How can We Reduce the Back Fat?

Other people are all fat legs, fat waist and fat face. Why do you have fat back? Many girls with thick back may have such questions. Because of the special position of the back, the effect of regular exercise weight loss on thin back is not obvious. Sexy back usually does not come from girls whose back is full of fat. The accumulation of back fat easily makes people look very strong, How to do more back fat? When a lot of girls want to wear open back clothes, they find that they have a thick layer of fat on their back, which is very ugly. How can we reduce the back fat? Teach you three movements, easy to help you achieve back beauty.

Single arm lift

Prepare a stool and a dumbbell, dumbbell weight according to their own state to choose the appropriate. First, place the right knee on the stool with the left leg upright and hold the dumbbell in the left hand; then slowly bend the left arm, lift the arm up to the top, and keep the arm at the same height as the shoulder; pay attention to the abdomen when doing this action, keep the neck and back upright; then put down the bent arm to the initial position, repeat about 10 times, and then repeat the action on the other side.

Keep your arms flat

Hold a light weight dumbbell in each hand, stand naturally with two feet separated, slightly bend the knee; then put the palms of both hands facing each other on both sides of the body; lean forward slowly, and pay attention to the abdomen tightening when leaning forward, and lean forward until it is parallel to the ground, and keep the back straight; then slowly raise the arms to raise it with the shoulder; then tighten the shoulder blades and keep it Move for about 10 seconds. Return to the starting position and repeat about 10 times.

Elbow sliding

First of all, sit on the mat in King Kong’s sitting position; bend your arms, hold your elbows with both hands, and then move forward together with your upper body forward so that your elbows can rest on the cushion; then exhale and move your elbows forward until your chest is on the cushion; stand up with your lower body, your hips up, your thighs and calves at 90 degrees, and your back straight. Hold this position for about 15 seconds, then return to the original position.

The back is full of fat, and it is easy to make people look very strong. It’s not good to wear open back clothes, so let’s lose back fat quickly. There are many ways to slim your back. You need to insist on it for a long time. You can try to practice the above three actions every day, so you can easily have a beautiful back.

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