Do You Know What Postpartum Weight Loss Mistakes Are?

Do you know what postpartum weight loss mistakes are? Many women’s weight will soar after giving birth to a baby, and postpartum weight loss has become the most puzzled for expectant mothers. So, do you know how to lose weight more effectively and quickly after childbirth? The following six mistakes, you must know!

Postpartum weight loss mistake 1: Dieting immediately after birth

Some new mothers are eager to lose weight. They start the postpartum weight loss plan just after the time of childbirth. They are blindly dieting to lose weight, which is very bad for their health. Because the new mother has just given birth, the body has not yet fully recovered to the level before pregnancy, in addition to the heavy task of feeding, need to supplement nutrition. Postpartum diet, not only can lead to the slow recovery of the new mother’s body, but serious may also cause postpartum complications, so postpartum weight loss should not be carried out too early.

Postpartum weight loss mistake 2: Taking slimming tea and medicine after delivery

Lactation of the new mother to take diet pills, most of the drugs will be discharged from the milk, so it is equal to the baby also took a lot of drugs. The liver detoxification function of newborn infants is poor, and large doses of drugs are easy to cause liver function reduction and abnormal liver function. Therefore, postpartum weight loss pills are very undesirable, weight loss drinks should be carefully selected.

Postpartum weight loss mistake 3: Eager to exercise after childbirth

Immediately after childbirth strenuous exercise to lose weight, it is likely to lead to the slow recovery of the uterus and cause bleeding, serious will also cause the production of the surgical section or vulva incision again damaged. Generally speaking, 4-6 weeks after natural birth, mothers can start to do postpartum weight-loss exercise, the cesarean section needs 6-8 weeks or longer recovery period, and postpartum weight loss should avoid high-intensity exercise.

Postpartum weight loss mistake 4: Breastfeeding is sure to lose weight

Breast milk is the best natural nutrition food for babies. Secondly, breastfeeding can promote the uterine contraction of new mothers, which is conducive to postpartum recovery. If you want to lose weight, you should breastfeed well, because breastfeeding can help new mothers consume heat energy. Even if you take more soup and water, you will not gain much weight. But this is not the only way to rest assured, because excessive eating is still not conducive to postpartum weight loss.

After giving birth to a baby, mothers to be will have some changes in their body more or less. Therefore, when new mothers take care of their babies, “weight loss” has become a top priority. There are six misunderstandings about postpartum weight loss. So I would like to remind new mothers that they must pay attention to and be careful to lose weight.

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