Our Company


We are a diversified professional cross-border e-commerce enterprise that is integrated with e-commerce trade, manufacture, distribution, storage and internet operation. 

Headquartered in Guangzhou, we have branches in the USA, Europe and Hong Kong, and also have registered several American and European Brands. Our business is distributed across many countries and areas in the world.

  • Company Position: A product-driven E-commerce trade company; asset-light company.
  • Company Culture:
    Vision: To become a global leading e-commerce trade company in segments.
    Mission: To design excellent products, reduce trade cost, and accomplish best customer experience.
    Core value: Innovation, Concentration, Details, Perfection.
  • Team:
    Profession, Dedication;
    Innovation, Enthusiasm;
    Negotiation, Cooperation;
    Reliance, Respect.

If you feel that HLY GLOBAL INC is not achieving these objectives, then we genuinely welcome your feedback.

Thank you for choosing to shop with us. We consider it a pleasure to serve you.